View of the Rocky 山 from a visitor center in RMNP

更新 & 警报

的 Grand County Colorado Tourism Board recognizes that travelers might be concerned about COVID-19, wildfires and other issues that affect travel in the area. 的 travel industry’s guiding principle is to seek and heed the most up-to-date expert guidance, and we urge the traveling public to do the same.

Fire Restrictions

的re are no fire restrictions currently in place for Grand County. 然而, even when conditions are ideal, we urge residents and visitors to help prevent wildfires in Colorado by reviewing and following the Grand County campfire regulations.

Timed-Entry System at Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park will implement another temporary timed-entry permit reservation system for the summer 2023 season. Timed-entry permits will be required to visit the park beginning May 26 through October 22, 2023. Your timed-entry permit provides a two-hour window to enter the park, with no set time for departure. 的 reservation system will apply to all areas of the park.

Reservations are not required outside of the designated times. New reservations become available on the first of each month for later in the season.

Learn More About RMNP Timed-Entry


COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations

的 following recommendations are in place in Grand County relating to COVID-19 for residents and visitors. While we encourage you to visit and patronize our local businesses, please mind these local mandates to do so safely. 


  • Masks are strongly recommended but no longer required indoors for vaccinated individuals. 
  • Masks are recommended for children ages 2 to 11 in indoor public spaces. 
  • Restaurants: 6-foot distances between tables at restaurants is strongly recommended, but no longer required.


  • Masks are strongly recommended but no longer required. 
  • 6-foot distancing is recommended, but no longer required. 
  • Outdoor events are no longer required to have approval.
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*Updated March 9, 2023