An affordable, modern, durable, easy to learn and race class that brings a new definition of fun.

A choice of rig sizes provides options for 40 to 100 kilo sailors. The WASZP delivers a platform for beginner foilers to advanced racers.



  • Length: 3.35m
  • Width Packed: 43cm
  • Width Folded: 1m
  • Width Sailing: 2.25m
  • Draft launching: 20cm
  • Draft ‘low riding’: 1m
  • Draft foiling: You choose!
  • Overall weight: 48 kilos fully rigged with foils
  • Minimum foiling cruise wind speed: 5 knots
  • Minimum lift off wind speed: 7 knots
  • Top speed: 24 knots+
  • Fun factor: Massive
  • Price: $US 10,500 + $US 1,100 delivery to most countries (excluding any import duties and local taxes)


In storage mode the wings are folded vertically upwards.

This reduces the hull width to just over 1.4 m including the trolley.

The sail, mast and boom can all fit neatly inside the slot between the wings for storage.

Further gains can be made if the boats are parked top to tail.



Once you are confident and consistently enjoying the rush of flying, moving to race mode lifts the wings to a 17 degree angle, allowing more advanced foiling techniques such as windward heel.

As the wings are further from the water this induces extra drive from the horizontal foils and increased righting leverage.

This increases speed and height upwind significantly.

In race mode the sky is the limit. Choose to hit the water for the pure thrill or get ready to race.