Frequently asked questions about the waszp

Most sailors who have never foiled have a lot of the same questions. We'll try and answer a few of the most frequent ones here.

How hard is it to learn to foil?

If you are capable of racing a Laser radial in breeze around a course we reckon you'll be able to learn the basics of foiling on day one. Just be ready for a few capsizes while you're learning!

Whats the ideal weight for a waszp? 

The Waszp can be sailed by anyone between 40kg and 100kg. For sailors under 55kg we recommend using the small 6.9m rig. For sailors between 55kg and 100kg we recommend sailing with the large 8.2m rig.

How much does a waszp cost?

A new Waszp costs $10,500 usd plus shipping and import taxes. 

Can I try a waszp out in ireland?

Yes. DinghyKit organises regular demo days where you can try out a Waszp before you buy. Get in contact if you are interested in a demo.

How big is the irish waszp fleet?

Currently we have 2 boats in Dublin and more on the way. We expect to have 6 Waszps in Dun Laoghaire by the end of summer 2017. Quite a feat considering the boat was only launched onto the market 1 year ago. The Waszp fleet will piggy back on Moth events in Ireland and regular racing and training are planned for new sailors who join the fleet.